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We would normally recommend that puppies and kittens are wormed every 2-3 weeks until they are 12 weeks old.

After the puppy course of worming we would advise dosing at 6 months of age and then at least every 3 months after that .


Wormers are now available as tablets, granules, liquids and spot-on preparations.

We will recommend the best product for your pet and decide how often your pet should be wormed based on  their lifestyle.

We have to consider the risk for ROUNDWORM, TAPEWORM and LUNGWORM.


It is important to  know the weight of your pet to enable us to dispense wormers  acccurately.


Remember, cats and dogs can show no signs when infected with a low number of worms, but they will be shedding large numbers of worm eggs into the environment which is a risk to pets and people.


Please telephone or ask at reception for more details of the products we can offer you, or why not book an appointment with a nurse to discuss pevention and treatment?