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Flea and tick control


Our Vets, Nurses and Receptionists are happy to advise on all aspects of flea and tick control. This is already a bad year for pets catching fleas and ticks.

We can recommend the best product to suit your pet and their lifestyle.

There are tablets and spot-on preparations available for your pet which  must be used regularly throughout the year


Check whether the Pet Health Club would reduce the cost of flea and tick products for your pet.


We recommend a spray to treat the whole house if there is a flea infestaion as only 5% of the total flea problem is on your pet. It is important to remember the life cycle of the flea when trying to control them.


Did you know that fleas can also spread tapeworms?


Ticks are now more common locally with recent mild winters. Remember the risk of Lyme Disease for pets and owners.

It is sensible to buy and apply Tick prevention products before you go on holiday to tick infested areas.


Our plastic tick-remover tool remains very popular and is on sale at reception.


Why not contact us to make a nurse appointment to discuss flea and tick control?