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DD1 5BP, Dundee

Capture Diagnostics



At Blackness Vets we are  able to offer a wide range of diagnostic facilities.

We can decide the most appropriate combination of techniques to use on your pet to help us reach a diagnosis.


At Blackness Vets we have a comprehensive, modern, in-house laboratory which enables us to give you same day results on may diagnostic tests.

We have modern haematology, biochemistry and blood -gas analysis machines.

We can carry out complete blood profiles or single tests to provide us with a full biochemical analysis of your pet's blood.

We also provide centrifugation, microscopy and urinalysis.


We now have a daily fast courier service to take samples for more specific tests to an external laboratory.



We have a modern portable ultrasound macine for pregnancy diagnosis and investigation of problems in the chest and abdomen.



We have the latest digital X-Ray equipment for investigation of medical and surgical  cases.


Blood pressure:

Why get your pet's blood pressure measured?

High blood pressure or systemic hypertension is an important disease process in older animals, especially cats