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TEL: 01382 225422


DD1 5BP, Dundee

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We use our knowledge and experience of cat behaviour to  make their examination and treatment as easy as possible. We are always happy to devise special arrangements for anxious individuals to make their visit easier. We will soon be starting a Vet to Pet service  which may be of interest to cat owners.

General Behaviour advice is always available from vets and nurses.

Behaviour Problems can be more complex and take time to investigate thoroughly. The problem has to be seen from the cat's point of view. Vet Graeme Buchan is keen to investigate cat behaviour problems.

We ask you to complete a questionnaire before we decide if a home visit or surgery consultation will be most appropriate.







We work closely with you and your growing puppy to monitor normal behaviour development. We can then react quickly to help you if any behaviour is becoming difficult for you. Behaviour problems are so much easier to improve when caught early, as the sooner adaptations are begun the more likely you are to resolve  the unwanted pattern of behaviour.


Remember that general puppy behaviour advice can always be discussed in detail at a nurse clinic.

We always strive to prevent behaviour problems, but there are cases that come to us for help  as the dog is causing concern. These cases take time and effort from everyone involved and often have to be seen in the evenings or at weekends.


All behaviour concerns are investigated thoroughly with a common-sense approach and we aim to give you a realistic expectation of what can be improved.


Vet Graeme Buchan has an interest in Dog and Cat behaviour, and is able to see cases at your home or at the surgery. A detailed questionnaire is completed first and then he will contact you to arrange an appointment. There can be a waiting list for this service.